Frequently Asked Questions

How long in traffic school?
You should be able to complete online traffic school California in about 2-3 hours maximum depending upon your reading ability. The courses are not timed, there are about 12 chapters of information but because you know the information already you can mostly skim through the information. There is a simple four question quiz after each chapter with unlimited re-trys. It is very similiar to reading the California drivers handbook, most of the information comes directly from it. You can sign-up to traffic school here.
How much is traffic school?
The cost of traffic school is consists of a court-fee that is between $50 to $60 depending upon the courthouse your ticket is assigned to and a separate course fee charged by the traffic school. The court keeps the entirely their fee for administrative purposes. When you have completed Easy Traffic School Online there is a course fee of $19.95, some traffic schools charge more and have added fees that are optional but do nothing to speed the court or make the court look at your completion any faster. Courts look at completion certificates on their own schedule but always process your certificate for the day you completed the final test regardless of the day or time the court looks at the electronic completion.
How do I pay California traffic fines?
Nearly all courts have a website with an online portal to pay your ticket and traffic school administrative fee to, you can find this with a simple Google search. Try to pay these court fees before taking traffic school online. Completing your traffic school before paying the fines your completion will need to submitted a 2nd time to the court once all fees have been paid. Some traffic schools will charge an additional surcharge for this. Easy traffic school online provides this service at no extra charge.
Eligibility requirements for California Traffic School
You can take online traffic school to mask your ticket from your California DMV driving record once every 18 months. Because you have 3 months to complete your traffic school you could get a ticket 16 months in and then still be able to do traffic school 2 months in. Your successful traffic school completion hides your ticket from your record and keeps your insurance rates from going up.
Where can I find a Traffic school study guide?
Our course includes a free study guide when you sign-up at no charge. As you skim each chapter reading you become ready for the final 25 question test (70%). You only need 18 right questions correct to pass the course.
How to find traffic school due date?
Typically the court will grant you 2 months and give a 1 month extension. Pay your ticket on the court website so you can start traffic school immediately.
What is online traffic school like?
Once you get started online traffic school it will go by quickly. If you get interrupted that is ok, you can logout and log back in and keep your place!
Can I take traffic school after the due date?
You have a certain amount of time that a judge can grant you an extention. There is a hard-cutoff at the DMV of six months but there is no reason to delay taking traffic school beyond your due-date considering that you can take it in two hours. Typically you will be prohibited from taking traffic school beyond 3 months.
What is the CA DMV number?
For non-traffic school or court related questions the California DMV customer service line is: 1 (800) 777-0133
How do I pay tickets to the DMV?
The DMV does not accept any fees related to your traffic ticket. You can pay those to the court-house noted on your ticket. Go online to your courthouse website and pay them online for your convenience. Calling or going to the DMV is not required at any time. The DMV cannot give any assistance, it is up to your court entirely.